We offer the same loan services that are offered by banks and other financial institutions other than first mortgages.  But we offer other things such as lower rates, better terms, greater flexibility and no pre-payment penalties or hidden costs. Pre-approval is available which will help you get the best deal on larger purchases.

Your Credit Union is the easiest and most sensible place to borrow.  Not to mention, with Payroll Deduction, you can enjoy the added convenience of having your loan payments made for you, automatically.

For additional information on a specific type of loan, click on the navigation links below or call one of our branches to speak with a Loan Officer. The loan process is quick and easy! You can apply online, by fax, or fill out an application at any one of our branches. Once we receive your online application, one of our Loan Officers will get in touch with  you within 24 hours. The best part of our approval process is that we do not just rely on credit scoring. We look at each application individually and tailor your loan to your, individual needs.

Available Loans:

Already have a loan elsewhere?

You can still take advantage of our great low rates by refinancing with us. We can almost guarantee that we'll provide you with a loan that best suits your needs at a reduced rate and a lower monthly payment than your current loan. Call, email or stop by for more information.