Online Services

Check Reordering

We try to do everything that we can to make our member's lives a little bit easier and this is yet another example of that. You can always stop by or call one of our branches to reorder your checks or you can order them yourself. Just click on one of the links below. You do need your checkbook with you so you'll have your routing and account numbers handy.

Click on the corresponding logo for the company that your current checks were ordered from. You can also browse their selection and make any changes in your order! This is only for reordering. If this is your first check order then you will need to contact a Member Service Representative.

We order checks from two companies, Clarke American and Liberty. Both companies have recently been bought out by Harland Clarke and are in the process of merging. Both websites will have the Harland Clarke logo. We don't want you to be confused because of these mergers. If you're not sure which one you have previously ordered from just try to enter your information into both reorder forms. If neither one works and/or you have any questions please contact a Member Service Representative. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion!

Formerly Clarke American