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Student Checking

The Student checking account is absolutely FREE for our members that are enrolled in school full time. The account provided to you, FREE of charge, is our Dividend Checking Account with all of the features and benefits that accompanies it.


  • Your dividends are paid quarterly.
  • You will receive FREE checks as long as you are in school full time.
  • Overdraft Protection is provided from your Share Account.
  • You may apply for an Overdraft Line of Credit if you would like some extra protection.
  • You will always have unlimited check writing capabilities.
  • You can apply for a Vision Visa Debit Card so that you can make purchases anytime by simply swiping your card. This card can also be used at ATMs to make cash withdrawals.
  • Duplicate checks are available.

To open your account, simply visit one of our convenient locations or apply online and we’ll take it from there.