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Financial Counseling

We are here to help our members obtain financial stability and security. We strive to provide you with that through our products and services; which is the reason why we want to introduce you to BALANCE.

BALANCE is a comprehensive financial education and counseling service that partners with Credit Unions nationwide to help members with their financial questions and problems - FOR FREE.
  • Do you have an account in collections or are you thinking about filing Bankruptcy?   
  • Have you recently been declined for a loan or credit card?   
  • Are you interested in buying your first home?   
  • Are you regularly using payday or title loans?   
  • Do you have excessive NSF (non sufficient funds) activity?   
  • Are you struggling to keep afloat after losing your job?   
  • Do you have questions about the importance of your credit report and/or credit score?    
  • Are you trying to plan for your retirement?   
  • Do you need assistance balancing your checkbook?   
  • Are you thinking about buying a new car?   
  • Are you going through a financial life change like divorce, marriage, starting a family or coping with the death of a family member?
If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions you would be surprised about what BALANCE can do for you and your financial future!


  • Money Management Counseling -       
    • Basic Money Management Tools       
    • Goal Setting Assistance        
    • Budgeting Tips       
    • Savings Plans       
    • Bankruptcy Prevention       
    • Avoiding Foreclosures, Repossessions or Charge-Offs   
  • Home Buying Advice   
  • Buying or Leasing a Car Tips   
  • Debt Repayment Strategies -        
    • Increasing Income       
    • Accelerating Payments       
    • Decreasing Living/Daily Expenses       
    • Adjusting Interest Rates       
    • Refinancing Loans       
    • Accessing Home Equity       
    • The Debt Management Plan - The BALANCE counselors will contact your creditors to request lower interest rates, decreased minimum payments and/or settlement offers!   
  • Handling Job Loss and Other Financial Crisis   
  • Credit Reports and Credit Scoring

It Really Works!!

For quality improvement, BALANCE surveyed members after they spoke with a representative.These results (below)
show that members are really benefiting from working with BALANCE.
  • 72% Significantly Reduced Their Debt   
  • 40% Purchased or Refinanced a Home   
  • 40% Began or Increased a Savings or Investment Plan   
  • 21% Purchased, Refinanced or Leased a Vehicle
BALANCE Track is a site you can visit to take classes on everything from money management to understanding credit reports to taxes. Click the link below to try it out.


Contact BALANCE counselors at:

Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 11:00pm
Friday from 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday from 11:00am - 8:00pm