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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit is "The Ultimate Convenience". Use Direct Deposit for your paycheck, social security, retirement, military pay, or pension. Whether you're sick, traveling, on vacation or away on business you can rest easy knowing that your check will automatically be deposited and available for use. Monthly Credit Union loan payments can even be deducted from your Direct Deposit. This service is called Payroll Deduction and it gives you one less bill to worry about paying each month.

It's Safe, Simple and Reliable!

Your paycheck can't be lost or stolen because it's all done electronically. Direct Deposit, and the way that it is distributed, is easy to begin, stop or change. All you have to do is complete a Payroll Deduction Form which can be done online or in person. Talk to your Payroll Manager or one of our Member Service Representatives to sign up for Direct Deposit.