Products & Services

Member Services

Member Service Representatives, or MSR's, are here to assist members with our products and services. You would need to speak with a MSR if you need to: 
  • Open a new and/or additional account.   
  • Make changes to your Direct Deposit, Payroll Distribution and/or Payroll Deductions.   
  • Order your checks and deposit slips.   
  • Have some assistance with balancing your checkbook.   
  • Put a stop payment on a check.   
  • Dispute a transaction/withdrawal.   
  • Add or remove a joint owner on your account.   
  • Change your address, phone number, email address, name, etc.   
  • Close your account, which will discontinue your membership, or just close a secondary account, checking account, CD, etc.   
  • Get set up to use VisionNet 24, our Online Banking and Bill Pay service.   
  • Have forms or documents notarized.   
  • Purchase Discount Tickets for local amusement parks and attractions.   
  • Purchase our Visa Travel Money Cards, which have recently replaced Traveler's Cheques, as well as giving instructions on their use.   
  • Purchase our Visa Gift Cards.   
  • Set up a Wire Transfer.