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Teller Services

In today’s fast paced electronic world it seems like most companies, especially financial institutions, are going automated. Sometimes,when you have an easy, commonly, asked question that the automated system has been programmed to answer, it can be beneficial. Usually though, that's not the case. You have a specific question that concerns you and your own account. Being technologically up-to-date can be great but sometimes you want a person... not a machine.

Our Tellers at Vision Financial are happy to assist you with your account.
  • Make your deposits and withdrawals (Click the links to print your own deposit and withdrawal slips.)
  • Post loan payments mailed to our branches, as well as the loan payments made in person.   
  • Post Visa payments sent through the mail or in person by our Tellers.   
  • You can purchase money orders from our Tellers through the lobby.   
  • Visa Advances are also done by our Tellers.   
  • Teller Checks/Certified Checks can be obtained from our Tellers.   
  • The Tellers can assist you if you have a question about a transaction, check, deposit, etc.   
  • You can also do minor account changes with our Tellers such as closing an account(s) or a change of address.