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Loan Payments

It's easy to be carefree when there are so many loan payment options!

Options Include:

  • Pay in person at any one of our branches. This way you'll have a receipt to refer back to for your records.   
  • You can set up automatic payments, yourself, through VisionNet 24 if you are planning make the payment from one of your Vision accounts.       
    • Log in to VisionNet 24.       
    • Click on "Accounts" at the top.       
    • Click on "Transfer" on the side.       
    • Click on "New Transfer" in the middle of the page.       
    • Choose which account that you want the funds to be taken from.       
    • Select the loan that you want the payment to be applied to.       
    • Type in the dollar amount that needs to be transferred.       
    • Choose a date for the first transfer to take place.       
    • Select the frequency of payments (i.e. one time only, weekly, bi-weekly, semi monthly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual).       
    • Then type in the actual number of transfers that you want or check the box to "Continue Until Further Notice".        
    • Click "Submit".       
    • The system will ask you to do a final review before finalizing the transfer. If you change your mind, any time before the date that you chose for the transfer to occur, you can go back in and make any necessary changes.   
  • You can also use VisionNet 24 to make each payment separately if you do not want to commit to the repeated transfer.   
  • Fill out our payroll distribution or payroll deduction form and a Member Service Representative will set your account up so that, when your pay check comes in, the loan will be paid immediately.   
  • Mail in your payment (be sure that your account number and loan suffix is included with your payment to ensure that your payment is posted correctly).   
  • You can also drop your payment off in one of our night deposit boxes, which are located at the Main and Roxboro Branches in lane #1 (the lane closest to the building) of the Drive-Thru.   
  • Pay it online from another financial institution, if they offer bill pay.   
  • Call Access 24, our toll-free automated telephone service, to transfer money from one of your Vision accounts to the loan.   
  • You can also call one of our branches and have a Credit Union Representative transfer the funds from one of your Vision accounts to your loan.   
  • Ask your Loan Officer to set this up at the origination of your loan - or anytime after.