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MasterCard Debit Card

The MasterCard debit card gives you all the features of a traditional ATM Card, as well as the benefits of MasterCard point-of-sale transactions.


  • Accepted anywhere MasterCard is accepted, in the United States.
  • The MasterCard Debit Card can be used at any ATM to make cash withdrawals.
  • If you make a withdrawal at a Cash Points ATM, or any Credit Union ATM, you will incur no surcharges.
  • If you use any other ATM, there will be a fee from the owner of the ATM.
  • You can make transactions faster and easier.
  • Paying for transactions is as easy as swiping or inserting your EMV chipped card.
  • If you plan to travel out of the county, please contact a branch to inquire how you can take advantage of one of our Visa Travel Money Cards.

Does our MasterCard Debit Card sound like the convenience that you're looking for? If so, apply now!


To Activate your card call:

MasterCard Debit Card - 1-855-726-4885

To report your card lost or stolen call:

MasterCard Debit Card - 1-888-263-3370

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