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Club Accounts (Christmas and Vacation Club)

Our Club Accounts are designed to help our members save up for Christmas and vacations by only being open for withdrawal once a year. In the event of an emergency, members can still access their savings but there is a fee involved.

Christmas Club Account

Opening a Christmas Club Account each year falls into the "must do" category. With a Christmas Club Account you can have the cash you need for the holidays without starting off the New Year in debt!! 

You are able save all year long, without any maintenance fees, and the money will roll over into your account on the first business day in November. If you need to access those funds before the roll over date, you can, but you will receive a $25.00 early withdrawal fee; which has been only implemented to encourage you to save!

Vacation Club Account

Having a Vacation Club Account allows you to have the cash, when you want it, to take the vacation that you've been dreaming of. And, best of all, you're spending your own money which makes your vacation even better.

You can make one withdrawal, every 12 months, without any penalty. Like the Christmas Club Account, each withdrawal there-after will incur a $25.00 withdrawal fee and, once again, this is meant to encourage you to save this money.

Making Deposits Into Club Accounts

Money treeThe minimum deposit to open either one of our club accounts is only $5.00. You may deposit funds at any time during the year, as many times as you wish. The most popular method is through payroll deduction.

Watch Your Money Grow!

  • Deposit $ 5.00 a week = $260.00 plus interest per year
  • Deposit $10.00 a week = $520.00 plus interest per year
  • Deposit $20.00 a week = $1,040.00 plus interest per year