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Visa Platinum Credit Card

Carry the prestigious Visa Platinum Credit Card with NO ANNUAL FEE! Why pay annual fees of $50, $60 or more at another institution? Our Visa Platinum is accepted everywhere, in the United States, that Visa's accepted . It can be used like an ATM card for cash withdrawals or as a traditional credit card to make purchases, payments, etc.


  • Great low, fixed rate of 7.5%.
  • Same great rate for purchases, cash advances and balance transfers.
  • No Annual Fees.
  • No Cash Advance Fees.
  • No Balance Transfer Fees.
  • 25-day grace period.
  • Transfer your balances over from high interest credit cards to your Visa Platinum!

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Visa Platinum Credit Card Disclosure

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases 7.5% Fixed*
Cash Advance APR 7.5% Fixed*
Balance Transfer APR 7.5% Fixed*
Grace Period for Repayment of Balances for Purchases 25 Days on Average**
Method of Computing the Balance for Purchases Average Daily Balance (including new purchases)
Annual Fees None
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction Fee for Cash Advances None
Balance Transfer Fee None
Over-the-Limit Fee None
Late Payment Fee $29.00
Return Payment Fee $29.00

** A finance charge will be imposed on Credit Purchases only if you elect not to pay the entire new balance shown on your monthly statement for the previous billing cycle within 25 days from the closing date of that statement. If you elect not to pay the entire new balance shown on your previous monthly statement within that 25-day period, a finance charge will be imposed on the unpaid average daily balance of such Credit Purchases from the previous statement closing date and on new Credit Purchases from the date of posting to your account during the current billing cycle, and will continue to accrue until the closing date of the billing cycle preceding the date on which the entire new balance is paid in full or until the date of payment if more than 25 days from the closing date. The finance charge for a billing cycle is computed by applying the monthly periodic rate to the average daily balance of Credit Purchases, which is determined by dividing the sum of the daily balances during the billing cycle by the number of days in the cycle. Each daily balance of Credit Purchases is determined by adding to the outstanding unpaid balance of Credit Purchases at the beginning of the billing cycle any new Credit Purchases posted to your account, and subtracting any payments as received or credits as posted to your account, but excluding any unpaid finance charges.

A finance charge will be imposed on Cash Advances from the date of the Cash Advance, or from the first day of the billing cycle in which the Cash Advance is posted to your account, whichever is later, and will continue to accrue until payment in full is made.

All Visa Credit Cards issued by Vision Financial Federal Credit Union can only be used in the United States!

The information about the costs of the card described in this application is accurate as of February 4, 2020. This information may have changes after that date. To find out what may have changed, write us at P.O. Box 15818, Durham, NC 27704-0818 or at our website at www.vffcu.org.

Important Card Information

To pay your Visa online, or for information such as balances, recent transactions and archived statements, visit www.ezcardinfo.com.

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