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Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers are a quick and convenient way to transfer money between financial institutions.

There is a fee for incoming, as well as outgoing, wire transfers. An outgoing wire transfer is $20.00. An incoming wire transfer is only $10.00.

If you're wiring money into the Credit Union you will have to provide them with our information which you will find at the bottom of this page. You can print this off or just make a note of it to ensure the accuracy of the transfer. If you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself then you can get the financial institution to check our website or call us and we can give them the information for you.

*Note: We cannot give account number information over the phone.  You will need your account number before initiating the wire.

If you have any questions about wire transfers or any other Credit Union product or service, please contact any of our branches for assistance.

Instructions for an incoming wire transfer:

ABA# 253184317
Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union in
Greensboro, North Carolina

Our Account # 253175517
Vision Financial Federal Credit Union in
Durham, North Carolina

To properly credit your account you will need to provide them with your account number and full name.